Chandranath Acharya, who was recently honored with the K. Venkatappa Award in Bangalore, has always held an expanded palette of creative endeavor : painting, printmaking, book cover designing and art direction to award-winning films.As a celebrated magazine illustrator, he is credited to have provided a new
direction and creative dimension to the fascinating art.

Painting, according to Chandranath, is a way to enter, explore and express an inner world where things like sex, hunger, pleasure and fear of death are candidly exposed. Even as they throb with the excitement of realism and magic of surrealism, his images exemplify the external contours and internal stirrings of human relationships. The delicately refined lines are fluid in facade; yet, they possess the power to expose the sheer absurdity of events by which human emotions are constantly churned.

Chandranath often uses the animal form in his paintings as inspired symbols to represent the human sentiment, passion and predicament. The structure, posture and carriage of the beasts not only create a curious setting but often correspond to the vigor and verve of human behavior and conduct. Chandranath has the uncanny ability to tame the most ferocious monsters and flirt with angels. In an instance, he can also make even the most docile and domesticated pet shed its inhibitions and indulge in mischievous pranks. The lively playfulness and teasing joviality that are coloured with warmth and tenderness cannot but bring the canvases alive.

Chandranath has a remarkable gift in grasping intricate and complex human conditions and turning them into meaningful and charming visual statements. His keen sense of scrutiny and comprehension of thought and action often find expression in deliberately ambiguous and mischievous images. There is, however, never a dull moment or a discordant note in his work, even if he swamps his canvas with daring symbols and mocking metaphors. Merging fantasy with reality, dreams with desires, concern with compassion, the artist traverses many a trail that others may fear to tread

-Athreya Biography